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Why White Birch?

Managing risk is more challenging than it’s ever been, and protecting your assets has become more important than ever. We started White Birch Insurance with the intentions of establishing a client-centric insurance hub focused on each one of our clients’ needs on a case by case basis. Our main reason for getting into business was to provide stellar service with results that are above and beyond the industry standard. Within White Birch, we share a common goal that includes putting the client first, and assuring that we help them with the right product or service, solely focusing on the needs of our clients.

The culture we have instilled from day one is geared toward the increasingly lost values of today’s world. We plan on using all of the new technology at our disposal, while maintaining a commitment to our client base as well as our referral sources that depend on us to provide an honest assessment and build upon the foundation of trust, integrity, and diligence that led us to the many relationships we have fostered over the years.

If given the opportunity to work for you, we promise to uphold all of the values that we have set forth from the inception of the agency. We promise to build a team that continues to spread our message from the top down, and makes decisions based on the best interest of our client and their respective families. We look forward to embarking on this journey with all of you, as well as serving our community in any way possible. Let us show you how we do business and you won’t be disappointed!